HGH and Sex DriveHGH and Your Sex Drive

HGH Sexual Dysfunction

Although getting a bit older is something that adults would look forward to – no children to worry about too much, travelling or retiring in a peaceful and quiet house by the beach – it must not be forgotten that with an increase in one’s age also comes an increase in a whole lot of other problems, particularly health-related ones.

However, beyond the illnesses and diseases that often come with old age, there is a whole lot of other aspect that many people, especially couples, are worried about. It has been found that many relationships, especially between people as early as in their 40s, suffer due to the decrease in libido and sexual drive.

It’s a bit ironic isn’t it? After years of raising a family, you finally get the kids out of the house and have some time to yourselves and…the flame seems like its just burnt out. This isn’t necessarily the result of your feelings toward your partner, but is often the result of physiological changes in your hormone imbalance which inhibit both your libido and your ability to engage in happy and healthy sexual activity.

HGH Boosts Sex Drive

How does this occur? One’s sexual drive is often affected with the blood flow in the body. Due to the decrease in energy levels, the heart generally pumps blood at a slower rate or at a smaller volume among older people. Since many sexual organs are dependent in the oxygen that is delivered throughout the body through the bloodstream, one’s sexual performance becomes greatly affected.

HGH and Increasing One’s Sex Drive

How exactly does supplementing HGH in the body help in improving one’s sexual drive – and ultimately their sexual performance?

One of the many important roles that HGH plays in the body is that it helps keep the cells active and strong, including those in the heart. As the heart’s vitality and strength improves, it is able to pump back more blood throughout the body, helping to improve the function of one’s sexual organs. In the process, a person’s libido is increased, a man’s arousal is sustained at a longer time and vaginal dryness during intercourse among women is prevented.

Human growth hormone therapy can also go a long way to improve an individual’s self-perception. HGH improves body composition and increases energy, making many men and women more happy with themselves and more ready for a healthy and productive sex life. HGH has also been shown to improve mood and psychological balance at the physiological level.

There are also many other ways that HGH supplements can help a person in terms of sexual performance. For example, HGH helps a lot in the regeneration of tissues and cells – and, in the process, in the development of the muscles. As a result, a person does not only experience a better performance in bed in the sexual but even in the physical aspect. Surely, with one’s sex drive increased, like that of younger people, so will the need to have a stronger and fit body to cope with it.

Starting Your Own HGH Therapy

If you are growing older and you find that your interest in sex is waning, or that you are experiencing issues related to erectile dysfunction or general sexual dysfunction, hormone replacement therapy can help. Both HGH therapy and Testosterone therapy have been shown to improve sexual stamina, libido, and performance. Testosterone is the primary sexual hormone for both sexes, but growth hormone is very important as well.

If you want to experience the combination of both physical and sexual performance improvements – and continue to please your partners even with your age – then start on a co-created HGH therapy now. Do so by contacting the HGH Medical Group. Call us now at 1-800-688-9673 or fill out the form being provided at the right side of this page.

With our help, we can get you back in the saddle, and help you take the meaningful steps to improve your sex life, as well as your relationship with your partner.