How to buy testosterone injections

A lot of people are interested in testosterone injections for Low-T, or other forms of testosterone therapy, but don’t know where to turn. It’s actually quite easy to get testosterone for andropause

Testosterone injections can help you to regain the level of this important hormone in the body to avoid penile erectile dysfunction, weakening of bones, low blood circulation, heart attacks, and other degenerative diseases. The question is how do you go about getting testosterone for yourself?

Testosterone therapy only legally available via a licensed and board-certified physician!

The only way to legally obtain real testosterone injections is through a physician. While there are many websites online claiming to offer testosterone replacing or boosting supplements they can not legally sell real testosterone unless you have a valid prescription. Testosterone boosters pale in comparison to the real thing, and won’t provide you the benefits you deserve. Certain formulations may even do damage to your liver!

The first step towards buying testosterone injections is to make an appointment with one of our physicians. Our physicians will consult with you regarding your existing symptoms and take blood for testing by lab technicians. It is important to only take testosterone injections under the direct supervision of a physician and as dosing must be very precise to avoid complications.

This is the only time where you actually need to visit with our doctors in person in order to get your testosterone. Everything else can be done remotely, over the phone. In order to properly assess your condition, they need a blood sample. Your physician will order a comprehensive hormone panel on your blood sample on your behalf, which will provide four full pages of data related to your hormone balance and your overall health.

Testosterone prescriptions to fit your needs!

After the blood evaluation, the physician will give you the right dosage you need to correct and maintain a healthy level of testosterone in your body. It is very important to follow directions of our physician to avoid complications with the medication.

The goal of testosterone therapy is to restore testosterone levels to those which are optimal for a healthy man in his mid-twenties. It is true that the abuse of testosterone can lead to bigger muscles and more fat burning power, but the more testosterone you take, the more likely it is that you will experience side-effects. Testosterone therapy for andropause is actually very safe, as long as you follow your doctor’s advice.

We can get you the best testosterone prices available!

Once you have your prescription we will assist you in getting your testosterone injections and supplies through our trusted vendors. We have special arrangements for our clients ensuring you the best pricing available.

For men and women under 30 testosterone injections are not generally available though there are some exceptions to this rule. Before the age of 30 testosterone levels are still fluctuating, making it very hard to manage the dosage of testosterone to be administered.

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